Find your fortune in Treasure Chest 5-reel slots from iSoftBet

No wilds or scatters here when you play Treasure Chest. It's the kind of slot game that makes simple spins fun again. The wager buttons allow you to set the bets with ease and still get chances to win the big payouts with stakes as low as 2 cents per payline. Discover your fortune today!
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Nothing but great spins and a 5000 coin jackpot in Treaure Chest

Don't throw out old junk when it might hold even more surprises left over inside! The best part of finding something of great value is in this Treasure Chest. Discover as much as 5000x the value staked in a jackpot win, or even a cool 2500x prize as the second runner-up, Collect them all!

Imagine finding one of these nifty little boxes up in grandma's attic. It might be filled with old fruitcake or it could hold even tastier goodies. Over these 5 paylines, you'll have to find out which is going to give the biggest rewards in Treasure Chest.

Start with wagers that cover 2 cent stakes up to 2 dollar bets for each line here. There aren't any special symbols besides the normal ones you see here, though winning combinations begin with at least 3 or more symbols matched on these reels.

The top paying symbol is the Treasure Chest followed closely by a money bag. A valuable ring and an old map are close behind in big payouts too. Just wager the lines and let it spin, the rest depends on the luck you'll have in what is revealed. A nice old school touch is the line wage buttons that make it easier to choose which payline you want to cover. It's a cool throwback to the early slots of the 1980s. Enjoy!

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Better check that old junk box again for the chance it might hold more than you thought it did. Treasure Chest is a 5-reel slot with odds that can be better than you expected.
Land 5 of the Treasure Chest symbols here and you'll be rich!